Mayyun Organization condemns Houthi arbitrary arrests of employees of embassies and United Nations offices in Yemen

Today, Friday, Mayyun Organization for Human Rights and Development condemned the campaign of arrests carried out by the Iran-backed Houthi militia, against employees of embassies and United Nations offices in Yemen.

The organization said in a statement on the micro-blogging platform “Twitter”, “A new campaign of arbitrary arrests and detention of freedoms practiced by the Houthi group against employees of accredited embassies and offices of the United Nations operating in Yemen.”

“We condemn once again these violations that seek to achieve political and military gains,” the organization added.

And earlier today, Friday, the US embassy in Yemen confirmed that the terrorist Houthi militia had kidnapped an embassy employee in the capital, Sanaa, which is under the militia’s control.

In a statement, the embassy held the Houthi militia responsible for kidnapping one of its employees, stressing that the militia continues to use innocent civilians as pawns in the conflict.

In mid-October of last year, the Houthi militia began a campaign of arrests that targeted a number of US embassy employees in Sana’a, in conjunction with storming its headquarters and replacing the guard with armed elements affiliated with it.

A number of embassy employees are present with their families in Sana’a, and they are living in a state of panic, as a result of the Houthi militia’s arrests of a number of their fellow employees and retirees during the past months in Sana’a.

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