The Free Iran World Summit is a global call to stand with the Iranian people

The Iranian Resistance will hold its annual Free Iran gathering on July 23-24. More than a thousand political figures, including hundreds of lawmakers from six continents, dozens of former presidents and prime ministers, dozens of former senior US officials, two former NATO commanders, a large number of former ministers from Europe and the US will attend in this summit.

This gathering comes at a time when Iran is at a critical juncture. Since Ebrahim Raisi was appointed as president in August 2021, Iran’s regime has aggravated its provocative actions against the world community. This aggressive behavior is clearly visible in Tehran’s growing terrorist activities in the Middle East region and against its neighboring countries, and the impasse over Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The regime is also engaging in an aggressive campaign of hostage-taking, arresting dual nationals and using them as bargaining chips in negotiations with Western states.

At the same time, the regime has intensified its human rights abuses, cracking down on protesters, journalists, students, teachers, and members of different segments of the society. Iran’s society is on the verge of an explosion, with people of all walks of life regularly holding rallies to protest economic woes, government corruption, suppression of freedoms, and the continuously degradation of life in Iran.

Today, politicians across the globe are warning about Tehran being a state-sponsor of terrorism on the verge of becoming a nuclear threshold state. Iran’s regime is threat to global peace and security as well as the greatest enemy of its own people.

Western states are divided on how to approach the multitude of threats Iran’s regime poses. Unfortunately, in one of the most critical times in Iran’s history, the West has resorted to the continuously tried and failed policy of appeasement, turning a blind eye on the mullahs’ aggressions and giving them concessions in hope of softening their belligerence. The latest manifestation of this shameful prisoner-swap deal between Tehran and Brussels, which will deliver a convicted diplomat terrorist back to Tehran. This policy will set a dangerous precedent that will encourage Tehran’s hostage-taking policy and its foreign terrorism.

At the same time, the dithering of world powers on Iran’s nuclear program is allowing the mullahs to dash toward their long-sought dream of obtaining nuclear weapons.

The Free Iran rally will provide a clear message that there is a viable alternative to the failed appeasement policy, and it is to stand with the people of Iran and their Resistance Movement. It will feature speeches from Iranian Resistance members, politicians and dignitaries from across the world, people who have had firsthand experience dealing with the Iranian regime at different levels.

They will join their voices to those of tens of millions of people across Iran, from Tehran to Isfahan to Khuzestan, Sistan and Baluchestan, and all corners of the country, millions of Iranians who want regime change.

The people of Iran and their resistance movement are poised to overthrow the mullahs’ regime and establish a democratic state. The Free Iran rally is the chance for the world to stand on the right side of history and support the Iranian people in their just cause.

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