Iranian Opposition TV Launches three Day Telethon

Telethon 2019-Simay Azadi
Iranian Opposition TV Launches three Day Telethon

Last month was the growth of protests in Iran which led to 1000 killed, 4000 injured, and 12000 arbitrary arrested protesters. The Iranian regime found no way out of this huge social uprising but shutting down the internet to stop the free world hear the voice of those who were killed, and those who were under barbaric tortures for forced confession and then justifying the brutality of security forces who shot at heads and faces of protesters in street, or those who shot the people from government building’s roofs, those who attacked the innocent people by axes, tanks, helicopters and used all their ability to crackdown Iranians who just wanted their Human Rights, Freedom, and Democracy. The people who have lost all their lives in the last 40 years.

In all last 40 years the only Trustworthy Iranian News Outlets who has been the voice of Iranians against fascism religious mullahs’ rule, has been Iran National Television “INTV” or Simay-Azadi (meaning “The Images of Freedom”) which has been echoing the shouts of Freedom of Iranian looted, suppressed, massacred people.

In all these long years INTV has been broadcasting its programs for all Iranians around the world, encouraging the Iranian youth to stand tall for their rights, inviting all Iranians in diaspora to join the resistance for changing Iranian regime to a free, democratic rule, revealing the maligned activities of this regime in all Middle East countries, exporting terrorism to Europe and American countries, taking hostages from USA and EU for blackmailing, secret A-Bomb and Ballistic missiles programs, to avoid this brutal bloodthirsty tyranny achieve what it wanted to gain the tyrannical rule over the world.

As the Iranian resistance in NCRI “National Council of Resistance of Iran” is an independent organization, so the INTV has gained all its costs from Iranian people and those who support this TV for supporting Human Rights and Iranian Rights for Freedom and Democracy.

Now after the huge uprising of Iranians in Nov. 2019 with more than 1000 killed, 4000 wounded, 12000 arbitrary arrested youths who are under torture and their lives are in danger, supporting this Trustworthy Iranian News Outlets Is More Important Than Ever.

Standing up for the rights of others means standing up for the humanity we share and supporting INTV means standing up for this cause.

So, I invite all supporters of Human Rights of Iranians, all those who wish freedom and democracy for Iran, Peace for Middle East, and a safer world without Barbaric Mullahs’ terrorism, to take part and support the INTV telethon on Friday, Dec. 13th to help this voice of freedom for Iran be louder than ever and the dreams of Mullahs’ regime of Iran for silencing it be futile.

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