The 24th Telethon on INTV (Simay Azadi the National Television of Iran), the Symbol of Solidarity and Unity for a Free Iran of Tomorrow

Iran NTV Telethon
The 24th campaign to raise funds for INTV is uniquely the voice of the Iranian people

The 24th National Partnership for Telethon in Iran Resistance Television of Iran (INTV) broadcasted for 4 days from Friday, December 9, 2010. The program was widely welcomed by Iranians inside Iran and overseas, and in direct contact with the program, they expressed their solidarity with the Iranian peoples’ uprising in last November and the Iranian resistance. 

The callers made direct donations, contributing to the pursuit of the Iranian Resistance’s goals to fight for freedom in Iran. 

  • Total donations and financial liabilities got to $ 6,920,400.

The 24th Telethon for SimayAzadi

The campaign, or, according to the Resistance’s elected President, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, “a five-day fire against religious fascism in Iran”, ran for more than 59 hours and 30  minutes with more than 100 telephone lines to connect directly and simultaneously there was communications and donations on the Internet and social networks, including the telegram, which due to the time limit, only some selected parts was broadcast by INTV for spectators. 

Despite the time extension, many of the compatriots and supporters were either waiting too long or were terminated due to technical problems. 

The most prominent feature of the 24th telethon in Simay Azadi was the active and passionate solidarity of the compatriots and the “galaxy of solidarity with Iran protests and the members of resistance units within the country”.  

Many of compatriots commemorated their contributions to INTV in the name of the martyrs of the uprising. Some compatriots donated INTV on behalf of rebellion units (Iranian Resistance Units in the country) and passionate brave youth who took part in protests. 

A compatriot spoke about the uprising of the young generation in the November uprising and said these youth people follow the path of the 30,000 heroic political prisoners executed by the Iranian regime during the 1988 massacre and are inspired by their sacrifice. 

 In the 24th telethon Program, INTV received support beyond the number of donations that indicated the widespread popularity of the Iranian resistance within the country and the extent to which the Iranian people were linked to the movement. 

Especially the aids of the parents of the martyrs and the calls of the noble workers and the hard-working people of Iran who have helped to raise the voice of uprising and freedom though they live in poverty themselves and would ignore their own basic needs to donate to this telethon all they had. 

Also, Iranian refugees in various countries around the world, some of them recently fled Iran and face many difficulties and restrictions but knew it is their duty to support this resistance television for realizing the freedom and democracy in Iran. 

Contacting some of the leading Iranian Experts and specialists from around the world was one of the most valuable parts of the telethon program. 

The generous supporters who donated all their wealth or income to the INTV in this telethon were the expression of the independence of this media and its honor among the people who rely on this resistance for realizing freedom and democracy in their homeland. 

A young man from inside the captive homeland called himself a “freedom bird” who although has no money to give, still supports this telethon. 

“Though I am a worker and I have no money, I give my heart to you,” said another worker from Yasuj in SW of Iran. 

Supporters of this telethon also said that the uprising of the Iranian people in this unprecedented scale and mass sacrifice during protests against the ruling dictatorship was quite amazing. 

They fiercely declared the regime’s fake alternative industry is vain and this telethon burned completely the regime’s campaign of demonization of the resistance and the MEK through the media supporting the policy of appeasement Because the voice of the right strategy of this resistance and the sole democratic alternative is now being heard from the rebellion cities across Iran. 

Supporters of the Iranian Resistance and Iranian communities around the world set up large studios in the cities of Stockholm, Berlin, Toronto, London, Cone (in Italy), Goteborg (in Sweden) and expressed their support to the resistance and its media and the popular uprising in Iran. Thus, the INTV became a bridge of solidarity and the formation of a national front against dictatorship for all Iranians across the five continents. 

The telethon program was also accompanied by contacts and support of resistance supporters from various countries and prominent political figures supporting Iran’s resistance. 

In the twenty-fourth INTV telethon, total donations and financial commitments totaled $6,920,400. Non-cash donations, including home, land, cars, carpets, gold and jewelry, were not included in this sum. 

This telethon was a great “Yes” to the popular uprisings in Iran, which is flourishing and inflamed. 

The achievements of this program can be summarized as follows: 

– Highlighting the financial independence of Iran’s resistance 

– Proving political independence and relying of Iranian resistance to the enormous popularity of its social base within the country 

– It was the verification of Iran’s resistance strategy forming and expanding Iranian resistance units within the country 

– This program proved that the Iranian regime’s lobbyists’ propaganda for demonizing this resistance is rootless and relies on fake news. 

– It proved the Popular Democratic Alternative Position of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) as the Only Point of Trust of the Iranian People for the Future and Realization of a Free Iran as well. 

Resistance President-elect Maryam Rajavi said in a message about the telethon program: 

Our beloved compatriots’ widespread welcome to the 24th National Telethon Program is another manifestation of the escalation of the Iranian people’s fire and determination during the November uprising to overthrow the mullah dictatorship

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