COVID-19 Updates

The total number of infected is now standing at 75778 where the number of deaths at today 21:30. More than 74570 confirmed cases and 2119 deaths are from mainland China.

The Chinese authorities have again revised the reporting standard. The number of new cases spiked last week after Hubei health officials they counted cases to include those diagnosed clinically using lung imaging tests. Now they switched back to use lab tests to confirm cases.

Multiple People Liberation Army soldiers from the Eastern Theater Command have been quarantined, including the commander of Type 054A Frigate, Yu Songqiu.

Chinese experts warned COVID-19 would stay among human communities like influenza.

2 deaths are reported on Diamond Princess; both of the deceased passengers are over 80 years old. These are the first reported deaths on the cruise ship.

106 Hong Kong residents onboard Diamond Princess returned via the first chartered plane this morning. They were sent to Chun Yeung Estate in Fo Tan for quarantine.

65 Hong Kong residents and 33 close contacts would be staying in Japan for treatment and quarantine.

The second chartered plane from HKSAR, originally planned to take flight tonight, will be delayed.

In Hong Kong, the work from home arrangements for civil servants would be extended to 1st March.

29 casinos in Macau are reopened.

CDC issued “Level 1” warning for travel to Hong Kong. American nationals are suggested to avoid or delay trip to Hong Kong.

Multiple cities in Japan, including Tokyo, Sagamihara, Hokkaido, Nagoya and Okinawa have 9 confirmed cases in total reported. This gives 93 to the total cases in the country.

South Korea has 53 cases newly confirmed, raising the total to 104. Plus, the first fatal case is reported. Korean authorities warned social outbreak has started.

Health Ministry of Iran confirmed the 2 individuals died after tested positive for coronavirus. It also confirmed 3 newly admitted cases.

Australia expected to extend travel ban from China for another week

According to South Korean reports, the first individual confirmed with COVID-19 in North Korea has been executed.

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