“The Bald Sergeant” on Duty with Full Gear, but not With Mask

PTU station sergeant Lau Chak Kei, who pointed a Remington at the crowd on 30 July 2019 in Kwai Fong, became very popular among police supporters and patriots. Today (21 Feb) marks the 7th month anniversary of the 721 Yuen Long incident. Groups of citizens holds meetings in different districts, Lau appeared outside Yoho Mall, Yuen Long. He had full gear and an eye mask on, but not a face mask despite the epidemic. He wore a sticker that said “Go police!”.

Lau has been very active on Weibo, where he often shares his political opinions. However, he was accused of spreading false information during the District Council election, where he claimed that over half of the votes were void and called for a re-count. The Registration and Electoral Office later clarified that the claim as false.

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