COVID-19 Updates (11/3)

At the time of writing, 121,564 cases of the coronavirus have been reported with 4373 deaths. China, Italy, Iran, and South Korea contiunes to be the most affected countries of the pandemic.

China is now reporting 80,969 cases of the virus with 3162 deaths. Italy is reporting 10,149 cases with 631 deaths. South Korea is now reporting 7755 cases with 54 deaths and Iran is reporting 9000 cases with 354 deaths.

Spain has continued to see a spike in infection as the country reported 2174 cases of the virus. France has reported 1784 cases while Germany has reported 1629 cases.

All schools, nurseries, universities will remain closed for 15 days in the regions of Madrid (where 3,650 institutions will close) and La Rioja, and the Basque cities of Vitoria and Labastida. These are the latest measures made by the Spanish government in order to curb the spread of the virus.

The US has seen its numbers of infection double in the last 3 days. The government has reported 1050 cases of the virus.

A health minister in Boris Johnson’s government has become the first British MP to test positive for coronavirus, raising fears about the potential spread of the disease in Westminster.

Greece will close all schools and universities across the country for the next 14 days because of coronavirus fears, the Greek health minister announced.

Harvard University and Georgetown University are the latest universities to cancel all in-person classes. Harvard has also asked all students to move out of their dorms by Sunday.

Bahrain evacuates 165 citizens from Iran and 77 test positive for coronavirus

Ukraine shuts schools and a ban on gatherings of more than 200 people after just one case recorded.

Poland closes all schools from Monday after 25 cases are confirmed.

Saint Peter’s Square and Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City are now closed to tourists starting from Tuesday because of the coronavirus.

The United Nations has decided to close its New York complex to the general public and temporarily suspend all guided tours beginning at 8 p.m. ET today until further notice.

The Geneva-based World Trade Organization is suspending all meetings until 20 March after a member of staff was confirmed to have coronavirus.

Both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden have canceled rallies that were slated to be held today.

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