Iran coronavirus outbreak: How the regime went from secrecy to red alert

Reporting by PMOI/MEK 

Iran, March 13, 2020—The coronavirus outbreak in Iran, and the spread of the virus to all four corners of the country, is the direct result of systematic secrecy by the Iranian regime, which has transformed the situation to a pervasive crisis.

The regime’s secrecy about the outbreak of this virus had other consequences as well, including the late action to quarantine cities and declare them as red spots. The belated decision to declare emergency situation in the cities shows the dimension of the disaster that regime officials have tried to hide.

the regime’s unresponsiveness to the people’s needs in preventing the spread of the disease and treating patients, especially not fulfilling hygienic needs such as disinfecting gels, gloves, and masks has added to people’s anger.

The situation in the two provinces of Mazandaran and Gilan is red and officials have acknowledged that the conditions in these provinces are critical. Absent government efforts to impose quarantines, the people of these provinces have set up roadblocks to prevent more people from contracting the virus.

Gholamali Jafarzadeh, a member of the Majlis (Parliament) from Rasht, acknowledged in a tweet: “The situation in Gilan province due to coronavirus outbreak has passed code red… there are not enough beds and medical staff and special clothes and masks.”

State-run Entekhab website quoted Mohammad Hossein Ghorbani, the Health Minister’s Plenipotentiary Representative in Gilan Province, about the health situation and treatment staff: “Regarding the critical situation of some patients, we need to increase the number of hospital beds, especially the ICU beds in the whole province. I suggested to the Health Minister to send nurses from other provinces where the prevalence of coronavirus is lower than Gilan province, because our treatment staff are very tired.”

The number of deaths in the northern provinces is shocking. The reason of that is the lack of essential equipment to protect against coronavirus.

Abdolkarim Hosseinzadeh, another member of the Majlis, said in a tweet that the bodies piled up in Qom and people’s helplessness in Rasht is evidence to the inefficiency of the government about the novel coronavirus.

Iranian MP acknowledges high casualty rates in coronavirus outbreak

Iranian MP acknowledges high casualty rates in coronavirus outbreak

The regime’s crimes in mishandling the coronavirus outbreak and not imposing quarantine on Qom was so evident that MP Alireza Rahimi wrote in a tweet: “Why did they hide the coronavirus outbreak in Qom because of the legislative elections? Why wasn’t the city of Qom quarantined to prevent the virus outbreak? All of Iran has been plagued by uncertainty and a failure to control the virus earlier in Qom.”

“Which excuse do you have for your fake reports and hiding the truth and details, worsening of the crisis and irresponsibility?” MP Bahram Parsai tweeted.

But this is not the whole story. The inhumane regime of the mullahs hasn’t provided the needed hygienic materials to Iran’s markets and has hoarded them in warehouses of governmental institutions to make profits off the price hikes.

Even the medical staff are defenseless, and many have contracted the virus and died because they don’t have proper access to protective equipment.

“The hospitals in east Gilan needs urgent and constant equipment and we hope people help the medical staff to avoid contracting the virus,” IRNA news agency reported on March.

Also contributing to the worsening of the situation is the continued flights of the IRGC-owned Mahan Airlines, which is the main culprit in the entrance of coronavirus in Iran and its spread across the country. The mullahs’ once again proved that they put their economic benefits before the wellbeing and health of the people.

The mullahs regime has spent Iran’s capital and resources for export of terrorism and domestic suppression, and to finance the costs of handling the current situation, it plans to put its hands in the pocket of the people again. There is news about government plans to withdraw money from the National Development Fund.

“With the coronavirus outbreak and its social and economic dimension, these days the use of National Development Fund resources to offset the its effects is being discussed,” Etemad Online reported on March 8.

Abandoning the people and leaving them defenseless against the coronavirus and not taking care of them is while the people’s capitals and resources are in the hand of the regime’s officials.

Ali Khamenei’s wealth, just in the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order (EIKO) organization, is more than $100 billion, and the stellar wealth of the Astan Quds Razavi foundation, affiliated to Khamenei’s office, is enough to fight the virus.

The Iranian people know the true virus that has had a disgraceful dominance on their country for 41 years is the mullahs’ regime, which has destroyed generations of this nation, and more recently has criminally hid the truth about coronavirus and has put the life of many people in danger. Khamenei first downplayed the virus as not being a big deal, but now his regime has put major cities on high alert.

In the past 41 years, the mullahs’ regime has turned any natural disaster or any other preventable problems such as flood, earthquake, fire and now the coronavirus into a much bigger disaster for the people.

The disclosure of the regime’s secrecy of the coronavirus outbreak has only deepened the people’s hatred for the Supreme Leader. These days even state-run media acknowledge “people’s mistrust” toward the regime and warn about the prospects of new popular protests such as what happened in November 2019 and January 2020.

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