Gaza report: The factions in the Gaza Strip have raised the level of alert to the highest level since the elimination of Abu al-Ata

Gaza terrorist groups announced the highest level of preparedness in the Gaza Strip, fearing the deterioration of the security situation and the failure of the current calm to a state of tension.

The new Arab newspaper (Arab al-Qaeda) said it cited Palestinian resistance sources and raised the level of alert on all the streets of the Gaza Strip, setting many checkpoints and checking cars passing through the Gaza Strip intensively.

Gaza also claims that it has only seen twice that level of readiness, and that was after the assassination of the leader of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, after the operation of the Israeli elite unit east of Khan Yunis, the death of one of the Qassam leaders and their assassination. Of others

The report also states that despite the current calm, the leadership in Gaza believes that the Israeli military intends a new aggression on Gaza.

The source revealed that Palestinian resistance has warned Izz al-Din al-Qassam leaders and officials to be cautious, as well as asking them to raise their level of personal security rather than approaching the borders of the Gaza Strip near Israel.

According to sources who spoke to al-Arab al-Jadeid newspaper, there is concern that a clean assassination operation will be carried out, “as happened with Hamas commander Mazen Fukha, west of Gaza, as he was eliminated by collaborators with Israel. Hamas is also facing new intrusions into the Gaza Strip, which is why Palestinian factions have increased its willingness to deal with it directly.

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