COVID-19 Updates (14/3)

At the time of writing, 150,551 cases of the coronavirus have been reported with 5617 deaths. China, Italy, Iran, and South Korea continue to be the most affected countries of the pandemic.

Mainland China reported only 11 new infections. China has reported 80,824 cases and 3,189 deaths since the outbreak began last December. More than 65,000 patients have recovered and been discharged from hospitals. However, there are still no scheduled dates for the delayed Lianghui (annual Chinese communist party meetings)

4 new cases are reported in Hong Kong, raising the total to 141. A virus contracted individual lives in the same orientation in Fu Heng Estate as a couple who were confirmed earlier. All residents living in flat 13 and 14 in Heng Tai House, Fu Heng Estate are evacuated to quarantine camps.

250 new deaths have been reported in Italy. 4 players from Unione Calcio Sampdoria, a football club in Serie A, have contracted with the virus.

Sources say Spain is issuing lockdown; all residents are grounded in home.

Philippines announced lockdown and curfew in Manila.

American President Donald Trump announced state of emergency. He said he may receive virus test after contacted with several contracted patients.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said he has not contracted the coronavirus. He will be retested next week.

Brazilian Sentor Nelsinho Trad has been tested positive, he visited America along with Bolsonaro.

Brazilian Ambassodor to the United States, Nestor Forster has been tested positive, he attended a banquet with Donald Trump last Saturday.

Germany announced class suspension in 14 states.

First cases have been found in Rwanda, Namibia, Aruba, Cayman, Kosovo, U.S. Virgin Islands, Suriname, Venezuela, Ghana, Gabon, Sudan, Guinea, Guatemala, Uruguay and Puerto Rico.

America called Chinese ambassador and protested against Chinese’s “COVID-19 originates in America” theory.

Vietnam refuses visitors from UK and Schengen countries.

Denmark closes its borders to all tourists.

Several Iranian officials, Mohammad Reza Kala, Hossein Doroudi and Minoo Mohraz have contracted with the coronavirus.

Several Spanish politicians confirmed infected by the coronavirus.

Mayor of Miami, United States, Francis Suarez tested positive for the coronavirus.

The United Kingdom now has more than 1000 cases. Sources said the UK authorities would ban large scale public activities next week.

WHO director Tedros said Europe has become the center of the epidemic.

The International Olympic Committee is following WHO’s suggestion on whether to continue the Olympic Games.

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