COVID-19 Updates (6/4)

At the time of writing, 1,288,080 cases of the coronavirus had been confirmed worldwide with 70,567 deaths. The US, Italy, Spain, Germany are the worst affected countries by the pandemic.

China’s National Health Commission reported 39 new cases of coronavirus across the country on Sunday. Of those, 38 were imported cases.

Italy records lowest coronavirus death rate in two weeks.

Iran coronavirus cases pass 60,000, the highest in the Middle East.

Japan will declare state of emergency.

UN secretary-general says violence against women during coronavirus quarantine must stop.

Spain’s coronavirus outbreak slows down further.

Ireland’s prime minister reregistered as a doctor to help in the coronavirus fight.

British prime minister remains at London hospital.

Boris Johnson continues to lead the British government from hospital.

Romania will extend its state of the emergency for another month.

Polish PM expects coronavirus infections to peak in May or June.

“People are fighting over products to fight coronavirus,” Spain’s foreign minister says.

Austria will gradually reopen shops after Easter.

Colombian president calls for solidarity with Venezuelan migrants during coronavirus outbreak.

The CDC has released instructions for making cloth face masks.

Watchdog report finds severe shortages and significant challenges to US hospitals’ coronavirus response.

Doctors arrested in Pakistan after protests over lack of PPE.

Former Libyan Prime Minister dies of coronavirus.

Chinese tourist sites packed as the country comes out of lockdown, but experts say risks are still high.

Spanish-bought ventilators and other medical equipment held in Ankara by Turkish authorities will take off for Spain on Monday.

Top Indian doctor says community participation is vital in stopping slum coronavirus outbreaks.

Scotland’s chief medical officer resigns after she was caught leaving home without a proper excuse.

India has imposed a blanket export ban on a malaria drug touted by Trump as possible therapy for coronavirus.

Sydney closes more beaches after crowds gathered over the weekend.

India has closed its railways for the first time in 167 years.


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