COVID-19 Updates (Jun 23)

At the time of writing, 9,131,445 cases of the coronavirus had been confirmed with 472,856 deaths.

A federal judge in Brazil orders the president to wear face mask in public.

Hong Kong reported 16 new cases of coronavirus.

“There is no evidence of herd immunity for coronaviruses,” expert says.

The CDC has developed a single test that will check for coronavirus and both strains of the flu.

China – A food delivery service in Beijing will test all its workers for COVID-19.

Peru marks 100 days of state of emergency.

500 Delta Air Lines employees have tested positive for coronavirus.

Germany imposes new lockdown around slaughterhouse outbreak where at least 1,500 infections are reported.

The US is still in the first wave of the pandemic and experts raise concern for several states.

India allows religious festival to go ahead in “limited” capacity as coronavirus cases surge.

South Korea says second wave of coronavirus outbreak underway in the country.

China – Beijing reports 13 new coronavirus cases.


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