New Revelation on Iran Regime’s Attack on Aramco Oil Refinery

New Revelation on Iran Regime’s Attack on Aramco Oil Refinery
IRGC Missile Test-file photo

Days after the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in a report to the UN Security Council, confirmed that missiles used to attack Saudi Arabia last year were “of Iranian origin,” new information obtained by the Iranian Resistance sheds light on a new aspect of this attack.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran United States Representative Office (NCRI – U.S.), in its revelation last September about the Iranian regime’s attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil refinery, revealed that commanders of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) navy from the city of Mahshahr, southwestern Iran, had gone to the Omidieh airbase (missile attack command operations command).

NCRIUS – Press conference on Iran regime attack on Saudi oil installation

According to the new information obtained by the network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) from inside Iran, the cruise missiles fired at the Aramco refinery on Saudi soil were fired by the IRGC’s naval missile unit.

The location of the missile center is located just behind the IRGC barracks, known as the Ismail Daghayeghi Garrison. The address of the garrison is a few minutes away from Aghajari Road to Behbahan in the south of Omidiyeh (in Khuzestan province, southwestern Iran). This garrison belongs to the third region of the IRGC navy. The Daghayeghi Garrison is located a few minutes away from the Omidiyeh base, the former 5th airbase at Omidiyeh, the site of the operation to fire at the Aramco refinery (according to the attached satellite photo).

To reach the missile center, one has to enter Daghayeghi garrison and after about 5 km down the road is the position of the missile center. There is a mountain range behind the garrison and a road goes from the back of the garrison to the mountains. The satellite image shows the location of missile tunnels and ammunition storage slums inside the mountains.

This location is the IRGC Navy’s second line of defense in case of an attack from the Persian Gulf, and it holds a variety of IRGC missiles and heavy and light ammunition.

According to the Resistance reports, large missiles are stored on moving rails inside the tunnel. To fire these missiles, they are moved on the rails and prepared to be launched.

The IRGC’s third naval mission is to control the northern Persian Gulf region and the maritime boundary of the Iranian-Iraqi-Kuwaiti triangle. Its protection range is from Mahshahr port to Arvandkena.

The commander of the IRGC Navy’s 3rd maritime region is IRGC Brigadier General Amrullah Nozari, who has replaced Brigadier General Yadollah Badin since September 2019.

The IRGC headquarters is in the central part of Mahshahr, in the area between Mahshahr Ghadim and the industrial area there. This is a relatively large garrison that has full control of the northern part of the Persian Gulf.

The Iranian Resistance’s revelations, along with the UNSG’s report once again underline the necessity of the international community to take action against the regime to prevent further crises and chaos in the Middle East.

Daghayeghi garrison’s tunnels and slums from the south (positions inside the mountains behind the barracks)
Satellite image of the location of the former 5th Omidieh airbase and the location of the Daghayeghi garrison
Vertical view of Daghayeghi garrison near Aghajari-Behbahan road

Source: New Revelation on Iran Regime’s Attack on Aramco Oil Refinery

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