One of the world’s largest anti-vaccine instigators was found dead in her home. Was she murdered?

Brandy Vaughan opened the channel – Learn the Risks – and for many years wrote information that hides from us about Big Pharma’s vaccines and drugs. It has managed to bring about a big change in blind trust in the pharmaceutical industry, and has saved many people from injecting themselves with various and weird toxins. Friends write that Vaughan often wrote on her page that if something happened to her, that we would suspect and understand that it did not just happen. Yesterday she was found dead in her home. Was she murdered to be silenced forever?

“The name of the medical schools should be changed to the ‘schools of the pharmaceutical companies.” Vaughan wrote, “Doctors learn how to treat symptoms, but not the disease itself, and you will not find real health in a doctor’s office.” R.I.P. Share everywhere that this woman deserves real respect.

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