Protests in various cities across Iran

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, January 13, 2021—On Monday, January 11, members of the Jamaran Housing Cooperative in the city of Tabriz, East Azerbaijan province in northwest Iran, held a rally in front of the city’s central municipality building. These protests have continued for several consecutive weeks now.

The protesters are demanding officials transfer the lands agreed with the Tabriz Municipality and to resolve the problem of issuing the ownership document of completed residential units.

“If the mayor is a respectable person, he should listen to the people, but he is sleeping right now. When officials come from Tehran, he quickly greets them with ten escorts. Aren’t we human?” said one of the protesters.

On Sunday, Workers of the HEPCO company in Arak, central Iran,  gathered in front of the company’s exit gates protesting the factory’s management conditions, their own poor living conditions, systematic corruption and discrimination, and security crackdown on workers’ rightful protests where they are demanding the resolution of all their problems and seeking answers to their demands.

Ranchers protesting unfair policies – Golpayegan, central Iran – January 11, 2021

Ranchers protesting unfair policies – Golpayegan, central Iran – January 11, 2021

Ranchers in the city of Golpayegan, Isfahan Province, gathered on Monday, January 11, protesting the improper distribution of livestock feed.

“Until today, no problems have been solved and only hollow promises have been made to the ranchers while no action has been taken. We have to come here every day, but there is no one to listen us. Sitting at a table cannot solve people’s problems, the manager must come here. I come here every day, and they say, come back tomorrow… We, ranchers have to come here seven or eight days a month, but they do not give us a few kilos of soybean,” said one of the protesters.

For nearly 20 years, members of the University of Tehran Housing Cooperative have been investing their hard-earned funds in the hope of becoming homeowners. However, there is still no news of a home. On Monday, the members of the University of Tehran Housing Cooperative held a rally in front of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare Protesting economic corrupters.

Private sector employees working in medical centers of East Azarbaijan province in northwest Iran held a protest rally in front of the governor’s office on Monday, demanding that the governor address their problems.

Depositors who have pre-purchased ‘Coupa Rigan’ cars protested in front of Shahr Khodro Company on Monday, protesting the delay of more than two years to receive their cars. These customers have been protesting for months, demanding their cars be delivered.

Also, on Monday, people who have purchased trucks from the SAIPA Company held a protest rally chanting: ” SAIPA betrays, the minister supports!” The rally was held outside the regime’s Majlis (parliament).

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