Iran: Prices of basic goods rise yet again

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, April 9, 2021—Due to government corruption and the regime’s policies, prices of people’s basic goods are increasing yet again all across Iran.

Each kilo of lamb has reached 1,800,000 rials (about $7.20); 30 eggs is now 500,000 rials (about $2) and the cheapest fish has also reached 500,000 rials per kilo.

“People spent the Nowruz (Iranian calendar new year) in bitterness as purchasing [poultry] has become very difficult. As it turns out, we will see all this repeated in a more drastic way during the holy month of Ramadan,” according to an April 5 report published by the state-run Vatan-e Emruz daily.

This newspaper considers the complete removal of meat from the people’s table as the only solution. As a result, people must turn to beans as a source of protein, only to see that beans have also become more expensive. Due to a recent rise in taxi fares, the price of subway and bus tickets will also increase, this report adds.

“Subway ticket prices will increase by 25 percent and bus tickets by 35 percent. The price of a subway single ticket will increase to 20,000 rials (about $0.08) and a bus ticket to about 12,500 to 13,500 rials (about $0.05) from the beginning of May,” according to an April 5 report by state-run Mehr news agency.

It is worth noting that the dollar value of the minimum wage per month in Iran has nosedived over the past ten years, from $250 in 2011 to $110 in 2021.

“The crisis of rising poultry prices has developed into shortage. Until now, people had to stand in line to buy subsidized poultry at a price of 204,000 rials (about $0.81). However, non-subsidized poultry was sold at a price of between 300,000 and 400,000 rials (about $1.20 to $1.60) in retail grocery stores,” according to an April 5 report run by the state-run Vatan-e Emrouz daily.

“Turkey and camel meat have also been rising to much higher prices than poultry. Even eggs have become more expensive due to rising poultry prices,” the daily continued acknowledging the high costs, poverty and people’s purchasing power decreasing with each passing day.

All the while, as over 60 million of Iran’s 84 million population live in poverty, the ruling regime continues to waste billions of dollars, that belong to the Iranian people, on supporting terrorists across the Middle East, expanding its domestic crackdown machine, further developing their ballistic missiles and advancing a nuclear program that is the guise for its nuclear weapons drive.

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