Iran: MEK Resistance Units make a major push for boycott of sham presidential elections

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, May 3, 2021—During the month of April, over 250 areas in 27 provinces checkered across Iran witnessed activities calling for a full boycott of the regime’s sham presidential elections in June.

Boycotting the clerical regime’s upcoming sham Presidential elections has turned into a widespread social movement in Iran. The Iranian people have had enough of 42 years of the mullahs’ corruption, lootings, killings, and slaughtering any dissenting voice.

According to many officials, the regime is preparing for the most important Presidential election in its history. But it is confronted with a social outrage and dissent toward its rulers.

The daily Mostaghel mentioned on April 28 that various currents within the regime are worried about a very low turnout in the upcoming sham election. “What both currents have in common is fear of a low turnout in the upcoming elections.” The daily Mostaghel wrote.

At the same time, during the month of April, the Resistance Units, a network of supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), have been conducting a nationwide campaign to boycott the regime’s election. These efforts have received widespread support from the public and tie in with slogans that farmers, pensioners, creditors, and many other communities in Iran have been chanting in the protests in the past few weeks.

In more than 250 places in 27 provinces, the Resistance Units organized anti-regime activities on a daily basis. This is while the regime has increased its suppressive measures by arresting and imprisoning members of the opposition. Security cameras in major cities make it very difficult for opposition members and supporters to carry out their activities discreetly. But despite the risk of arrest, anti-regime slogans targeting the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei have covered the city walls. Walls with the writings “Down with Khamenei” and “No to religious dictatorship, yes to a democratic republic” have become a common scene in many cities.

The Resistance Units are posting banners and placards and write graffiti in public places calling for a nationwide boycott of the mullahs’ sham Presidential elections. Many slogans on the placards and graffiti are inspired by messages of Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and Iranian Resistance leader Massoud Rajavi.

Some of the slogans read:

  • A strong no to the religious dictatorship, yes to a democratic republic
  • The election boycott is a response to the killing of 1500 protesters in November 2019
  • In the eyes of the Iranian people, the mullahs’ sham election has no legitimacy
  • Boycotting the election sham is a patriotic duty
  • Down with Khamenei, hail to freedom
  • Iran’s destiny will not be written through the mullahs’ sham elections but through its rebellious generation and uprisings
  • Looking for moderates within the regime is an illusion
  • We live and breathe to overthrow the mullahs
  • The Iranian people’s nationwide boycott of this election is the flip side of popular uprisings
  • An allout boycott of the sham election is a no from the Iranian people to the mullahs’ dictatorship, our vote is for a democratic republic
  • Our vote is for regime change and yes to a democratic republic
  • Our vote is regime change and boycott of the sham elections
  • Democracy and freedom with Maryam Rajavi

In addition to various areas of Tehran, these activities were held in more than 50 cities including such as Kerman, Langroud, Isfahan, Bandar Anzali, Khorramabad, Nishabur, Bukan, Karaj, Mashhad, Ilam, Shiraz, Tonekabon, Qazvin, Yasuj, Torbate Jam, Birjand, Nishabur, Borujerd, Dezful, Tabriz, Saqqez, Amol, Gachsaran, Rafsanjan, Rasht, Esfarayen, Kermanshah, Arak, Shahroud, Abadan, Zanjan, Yazd, Bijar, Varamin, Sabzevar, Bandar Abbas, Ahvaz, Sanandaj, Hamadan, Torbat Jam, Chamkhaleh, Saveh, Kashan, Islam Abad, Haft Tapeh, Behbahan, Shahsavar, and Maku. These brave activities are carried out while the mullahs’ have increased their repressive measures in anticipation of the upcoming elections. The members of the Resistance Units are constantly at risk of being arrested since supporting the MEK is punished with heavy sentences.

In interviews with Simaye Azadi, the satellite television channel affiliated to the Iranian Resistance, many members of the Resistance Units expressed their motivation for joining this nationwide movement.

“I have a bachelor’s degree, but I’m working as a construction worker. There are many people like me who are suffering from discrimination and pressure. The MEK is the only group that has paid such a heavy price for freedom and steadfastness,” one Resistance Unit member said.

Another member of the Resistance Units explained how she overcame her fear of arrest while installing a poster of Maryam Rajavi in Tehran.

“Two people saw me while I was installing a banner of Maryam Rajavi, but I decided that I will risk my life for the freedom of my country. We hope to see the day of freedom and we can’t wait to see Maryam Rajavi in Iran,” she said.

These brave activities express the Iranian people’s desire for regime change and the establishment of freedom and democracy.

The Resistance Units risk being arrested, imprisoned, and tortured while carrying out these activities that aim to break the atmosphere of fear imposed by the mullahs and give heart to millions of outraged people who demand regime change.

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