Iran: Teachers, workers protest in several cities

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, May 18, 2021—On Tuesday, “green report card” teachers from various cities gathered in front of the Majlis (parliament) in Tehran to reiterate their demands from the government.

“Green report card” teachers are people who have taken and passed the employment exam of the education ministry, which is known as the “article 28 exam.” But the government has given no plans to employ these teachers. The teachers have been gathering regularly in the past weeks, asking the government to fulfill its pledges. According to the protesters, there are 23,000 employment opportunities in the government. The government claims that it is facing with budget and resources shortages to hire the teachers.

On Tuesday, having received no definitive answer from the government, the teachers returned for their rally and chanted, “Raise your voices teachers, demand your rights.”

Also on Tuesday, participants in the health ministry employment exam rallied in front of the supreme court in Tehran and protested to the “coronavirus bonus” in this exam.

The Covid bonus, which was added as a criterion to the exam per the Coronavirus Task Force, is not clear and is in fact depriving many people of their chance to get employment at a time that the entire country is faced with an economic downturn.

“The Covid bonus must be cancelled,” the protesters chanted on Tuesday, most of whom were denied employment on ambiguous grounds.

On Monday, the workers of the Asminoun mine in Manujan county, Kerman province, held a protest rally in front of the governor’s office and went on strike. Manjuan is 400 kilometers southwest of Kerman.

The workers are protesting unpaid wages and lack of insurance that has led to their losing their jobs in the current year. More than 1,200 workers of the mine have lost their lives and are facing critical problems. The workers are also concerned about lack of safety in the mines and its workshops.

The workers have been protesting since April. Local authorities have promised to address the workers concerns but have yet to deliver on their promises.

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