Has America Gone Crazy?

After most Americans have been on lockdown for the past year, Memorial Day is an opportunity to get back to normal. It’s a chance to make up for missed family vacations.  But is it safe to travel right now?

Welcome to “Bizarro States of America”! If you haven’t noticed, most people over they past few months have been on edge. Between government treating citizens like children, dictating your day to day routines, the result is always irresponsible behavior. Add in the propaganda media painting the US as a “hateful and racist country” and the vilification of law enforcement, you end up with a country on edge. Drug dealers like George Floyd are now hailed as heroes, while law enforcement are the new criminals.  Everything is “Ass Backwards”.

The prisoners are running the prison! Another contributing factor is the lack of punishment for misbehavior. When you commit a crime, get arrested and cut loose in a matter of hours, where’s the deterrent? In the US, most BLM and Antifa thugs on get a slap on the wrist, if any punishment at all. You only need to look at the “2020 Summer of Love”.

Below are some of the recent videos from around US. Travel with caution.


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