Should You Sell Your Crypto?

Most of the recent “Crypto-Dips” have come after a Tweet or Post from Elon Musk.  Owning as much cryptocurrency as Musk, one must ask the question “Is he shooting himself in the foot?”

Most Cryptocurrency is down between 4% - 8% today.
Most Cryptocurrency is down between 4% – 8% today.

The Tweets could be harmless.  They also could be a part of some strategy.  Maybe he hoping for a dip so he can buy more. Maybe he’s crazy. Keep in mind, he’s very wealth and very smart. So hell, who knows.

With government only becoming bigger and inflation on the rise, the real question is “Are you going to let one man shit on your parade?” The way the US is printing money, wouldn’t you think a “plan B” for a worthless Dollar would be in order?

We are not financial advisors, but then again, we are NOT dumping our Crypto. Day by day, America is becoming an unstable place to live. In times of crisis, a “plan B” is invaluable.

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