Iraqi President meets United Nations Population Fund Delegation

On Sunday, June 20, 2021, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih met with a delegation from the United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA) headed by the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and United Nations Population Fund Deputy Executive Director, Management, Ib Petersen. The meeting took place at al-Salam Palace in Baghdad.

Relationships between Iraq and the UNFPA were discussed during the meeting, where these ties could be promoted through relevant ministries and government institutions. President Salih and Mr. Petersen agreed it was imperative to strengthen and advance their ties, with focus on how to support population development.

Iraq faced enormous challenges represented by terror, internal displacement caused by the extremist group known as Islamic State, IS, and social and demographic consequences, President Salih emphasized. Internal displaced persons who remained in camps must be supported, and IDPs should be able to return home, and they should be able to live in good conditions to enjoy peace and security, he added.

President Salih spoke about the importance of establishing an integrated population policy that aims to achieve the goals of sustainable developments, focusing on population, particularly the young people who make up a large percentage of the population.

Furthermore, he underlined that the Youth are important manpower that should be fully utilized, and where the job opportunities should be provided.

In the same vein, women role needs to be supported and strengthened, and violence against women should be addressed, and their fully rights should be guaranteed, he said.


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