Iran: Continued protests in several cities

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, July 3, 2021—On Saturday, graduate teachers held a rally in front of the education ministry, protesting the unemployment conditions.

The teachers were chanting, “We have a science degree but are still unemployed,” “Our demand is employment,” and “We will not leave until we get our rights.”

These teachers have been regularly protesting in the past few months. The protesters are graduate teachers, known as karnam-e sabz (green report cardholders), who have passed the education ministry’s employment exam with an acceptable grade. They have higher education degrees and have responded to the government’s call to fill in the empty positions for teachers in different institutions.

They are protesting the exam and interview process, which has been to the detriment of the applicants and have left them jobless.

Protests by environment activists and farmers in Khuzestan

In Khuzestan province, a group of environmental activists held a protest rally in front of the Electricity and Energy Organization and demanded the restoration of the “water rights” of Hurolazim marsh.

Hurolazim is the biggest marsh in Iran. Due to government mismanagement, the marsh is drying up, which can have a devastating effect on the ecosystem of the region. It is an important factor in the lives of the thousands of villagers who live nearby.

At the same time, farmers in Hamidiyeh, Khuzestan province, held a demonstration in front of the offices of the Water Organization. The farmers are protesting their lack of access to irrigation water, causing their lands to dry and their livestock to die. According to reports by locals, the demonstration resulted in clashes between authorities and protesters.

Protest by Khorramshahr municipality workers

In Khorramshahr, a group of municipality workers held a protest rally, demanding the payment of their overdue salaries. The workers have not received their wages for months, and regime authorities refuse to respond to their demands.

Given the declining economic situation, the workers are facing tough conditions providing for the needs of their families. Protests over unpaid wages have become a common scene across Iran.

Protest rally by sugarcane workers in Haft Tappeh

On Saturday, a group of 160 workers of the Haft Tappeh Sugarcane company held a rally, protesting authorities’ refusal to renew their contracts. These workers have been holding demonstrations for seven days.

These workers have been asking the company’s authorities to change their contract status from seasonal to permanent to have job security.

Strikes by truck drivers in Zanjan

On Friday, a group of truck drivers in Zanjan held a strike and demonstration in protest of high prices of fuel and spare parts and government officials’ disregard for their problems.

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