Iran: Tense situation in many cities as protests continue

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, July 7, 2021—As power outages continue across Iran and economic problems become aggravated, Iranian people in different cities continue to hold protest rallies against the regime’s destructive and corrupt policies.

On Tuesday, a group of 160 workers of Haft Tappeh sugar cane company in Shush, Khuzestan province, held  the tenth day of their ongoing demonstration. The workers are protesting the company’s policy to avoid renewing their contracts or providing them full-time employment.

In Damghan, Semnan province, a group of ranchers held protests to the ongoing power cutoffs and authorities indifference to the problems it causes for the people. The farmers held their protest in front of the offices of the electricity organization.

In Isfahan, dairy farmers held demonstrations in protest to the pricing policies, which is causing much damage to their farms and is making it very difficult to provide feed for their livestock and sell their milk at a reasonable price.

“We are in a state of bankruptcy,” one of the farmers said. “Therefore, we will not deliver our milk to the factory until our demands are met. I will empty the milk on the ground.”

In Khuzestan, farmers protested power and water cutoffs, which have resulted in the destruction of hundreds of acres of land and have caused livelihood problems for thousands of families. The farmers entered the offices of the water and electricity organization and held a sit-in inside the building.

In Eslamshahr, Tehran province, the people held rallies in protest to power outages. The protesters blocked roads and demanded the government to adjust its policies.

Nightly protests to electricity blackouts are ongoing in many cities. People are chanting “Down with [Ali] Khamenei,” “Down with [Ebrahim] Raisi,” and “Down with the dictator.”

According to reports on social media, as soon as electricity goes out, the people start chanting anti-regime slogans. These rallies took place in Shiraz, Karaj, Rasht, and Khorram Abad, and other cities.

On July 7, the state-run Aftab-e Yazd newspaper warned, “In the outraged society, there’s nothing but destruction, and officials must fear the accumulation of this rage… when the people can’t achieve their rights, the expression of outrage is only natural.”

Aftab-e Yazd further acknowledged that the root of the Iranian society’s problems is “inefficiency and mismanagement” and wrote, “Our society is outraged and this is a great warning to officials who are largely responsible for this level of social outrage… The scale of the disaster is much greater than a simple apology by officials could fix. Our people know and understand, and all governments throughout these years have made no investment in developing the society. Our people know that inefficiency and mismanagement have caused problems they face today, and this infuriates them.”

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