Economic corruption is widening the class gap in Iran every day and the Iranian people are getting poorer every day

Iran is the 14th richest country in the world, according to Forbes. According to this report; In 2020, the trend of increasing the number of rich people in the world was 6.3%, but in Iran it was 21.6%.

The Mullahs become richer than three times faster than the rest of the capitalist world. Iran has the largest number of billionaires in the Middle East with 250,000 super billionaires in Tomans.

These super billionaires made their fortunes from the Tehran Stock Exchange and bitcoin mining farms. These farms are generally owned by the IRGC, and only one of them consumes more than 4% of Iran’s electricity. Bitcoin farms have so far cost the regime $ 8.5 billion(Government website selected on February 6, 1998). Last year, the stock market had a profit of more than 680,000 billion Tomans for the regime. (Trade News) Of course, millions of Iranians, rich and poor, lost themselves in the stock market income of the mullahs.

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