Iran arrests Mossad agents promoting protests?

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry claims the agents were plotting urban riots and terror. A huge cache of weapons has been seized from the operatives. The Mossad agents had been arrested upon sneaking into Iran from the Western border posts. But how true is this story?

From what we’ve seen, the latest protests have been organic. Why would the lack of water not be enough for people to rise up? Also, keep in mind the source of the article, was seized by the US Government back in the third week in June.

Security forces in Iran’s southwest Khuzestan province have been firing bullets at people protesting due to severe water shortages. If Mossad was to blame, why would they be firing at their own citizens.

The shortages are happening in one of the country’s hottest regions, where temperatures can reach 50 degrees Celsius. Iran has called claims of a crackdown on protesters, by the UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet, “false accusations”.

But the protests have developed into dissent against the government, the country’s Supreme Leader and have spread to different cities.

This is nothing more than “reasonability punt”. The truth of the matter is the Iranian regime spends billions of dollars each year sponsoring terrorism around the world, but can’t take care of it’s own citizens.  The people of Iran want regime change.

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