Iran: Thirteenth day of protests across multiple provinces despite internet blackout

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, July 28, 2021—Protests raged across several protests in Iran on Tuesday, marking the thirteenth day of anti-regime uprisings that began in Khuzestan. Reports indicate protests took place in Khuzestan, Tehran, Lorestan, Bushehr, Isfahan, Ilam, and Sistan and Baluchestan on Tuesday despite severe internet blackouts imposed by the regime.

Protesters were chanting anti-regime slogans including “Down with the dictator” and “Down with Khamenei,” calling for the ouster of Ali Khamenei, the regime’s supreme leader.

Protests were especially intense in Isfahan province, where protesters were chanting for unity with the people of Khuzestan and called on all people to join the nationwide movement against the brutal regime of the mullahs.

Protesters in Isfahan were also chanting “No to Gaza, no to Lebanon, my life for Iran,” condemning the regime’s squandering of national resources and wealth on expensive and destructive terrorist intervention in the countries of the region.

In one location, the protester tore apart and torched a large poster of Khamenei.

The protesters of Isfahan also chanted “We don’t want the Islamic Republic” and “Our country will not be a country until the mullahs are gone,” expressing their desire for regime change and the establishment of a democratic state.

In Sistan and Baluchestan, protesters lit fires and blocked roads and expressed their support for the people of Khuzestan.

In Tehran, protesters were chanting, “Down with the dictator” and “Down with Khamenei.” Tehran and many other cities are faced with electricity blackouts imposed by the regime.

The demonstrations began in Khuzestan demonstrations over extreme water shortages in the severely hot summer weather of the province.

Khuzestan is faced with a severe water crisis, mainly due to the regime’s destructive policies. In recent weeks, reports from Khuzestan show the Hur ol-Azim marsh drying up and livestock dying due to lack of water.

At the same time, the province’s inhabitants are facing additional problems due to electricity outages. Last week, the people have held protests over power blackouts.

The unjustified creation of dams on the Karun river in the region is the main reason the people are facing water shortages. Khuzestan is one of several provinces that are faced with water shortages due to government policies.

The regime’s brutal response to the protests, gunning down demonstrators and killing several people, has only added to the rage of the people of Khuzestan, who have seen regime authorities ignore their pleas for their most basic needs. The regime has called in backup forces from neighboring provinces to quell the ongoing protests in Khuzestan. But the protests have spread to many other provinces and continue despite the regime’s repressive measures.

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