The Counter-Terrorism Service continues its proactive heroic operations by arresting (9) terrorists in three Iraqi governorates.

Our ICTS began their duties by arresting (4) terrorists from ISIS gangs in the south, north and center of the capital #Baghdad, as they were reached after collecting accurate intelligence information and monitoring their movements.

The brave people of the homeland in the apparatus were able to overthrow (3) elements of ISIS in the district of Fallujah, Anbar governorate.

The Counter-Terrorism Service concluded operations to strike terrorist gang cells that are located in safe areas by arresting two ISIS operatives, one of them in Kirkuk governorate, and the other was arrested in coordination with the Asayish of the Kurdistan Region – Sulaymaniyah Governorate.

The operations carried out by the apparatus are of great importance in protecting the security of stable governorates and deterring distorted thinkers who are trying to spread extremism among groups of society.

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