Mayyun Organization condemns the crime of targeting a residential neighborhood in the city of Ma’rib with missile strikes

We condemn the horrific crime that killed 28 civilians in a residential neighborhood in the city of Ma’rib by missile shelling carried out by the Houthi group on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. Medical sources in Marib reported that at least 5 civilians were killed and 23 others, including women and children, were injured as a result of the shelling on the Al-Majma` neighborhood in the city center.

This crime comes as an extension of a number of crimes targeting civilians and residential neighborhoods in missile and artillery bombardment. It was preceded by the bombing of a house in the village of Al-Habil in the Jabal Habashi District, Taiz Governorate, with a mortar shell, as a result of which a woman was killed and another seriously injured in a convicted crime and all the continuous and deliberate bombing crimes against civilians.

The organization reminds the Houthi group once again that civilians are not participating in the ongoing conflict and civilian objects are not a military target, and that when they are targeted, a war crime will not be subject to statute of limitations, and its perpetrators will be presented to local or international justice bodies.

The organization also calls on the international community and the United Nations to assume their responsibilities and pressure to stop these repeated targeting of civilians and to place all those involved in committing them on terrorist lists and work to bring them to justice.

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