Iranian Resistance supporters in Oslo hold protest rally as regime diplomat visits Norway

Supporters of the Iranian Resistance held a demonstration in Oslo, Norway, protesting a trip by Ali Bagheri Kani, the deputy foreign minister of Iran’s regime, to meet with Norwegian diplomats. The protesters demanded the expulsion of all regime diplomats from European soil and an end to the appeasement policy toward the mullahs’ regime.

As Bagheri Kani was passing in front of the Norwegian parliament, where the rally was held, his car was pelted with rotten eggs.


Bagheri Kani is brother to the son-in-law of Ali Khamenei, the Iranian regime’s supreme leader. Before being appointed as the deputy foreign minister, he served as the international affairs deputy of the head of the judiciary and the secretary of the regime’s human rights staff, which is systematically involved in justifying and whitewashing the regime’s barbaric torture, executions, and human rights abuses.

His meeting with the Norwegian foreign minister and other diplomats encourages the regime’s human rights abuses, terrorism, warmongering in the region, and its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

The Iranian protesters condemned Bagheri Kani’s trip to Norway and demanded Europe to take a firm stance against the regime’s belligerent behavior and its systematic repression of the Iranian population.


Bagheri Kani’s visit happens as several important events are taking place. First, Iran has seen widespread unrest in recent weeks, triggered by high inflation, skyrocketing prices, and the collapse of the ten-story Metropol Building in Abadan. Demonstrations have quickly turned into anti-regime protests that demand the overthrow of the Iranian regime in its entirety. These protests are taking place despite heavy security measures by Iran’s regime.

At the same time, the regime has triggered a deadlock in the nuclear negotiations taking place in Vienna by demanding that the U.S. removes the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) from its list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) as a prerequisite for any agreement. Kani is the lead negotiator in the talks.


Europe is also at an important juncture regarding the regime’s terrorist activities in European countries. In May, a court in Antwerp, Belgium, reaffirmed the prison sentence for three terrorist agents of the Iranian regime who had attempted to bomb a major rally of the Iranian Resistance in France in 2018. The terror plot was ordered and orchestrated by the highest levels of power in Iran and overlooked by Assadollah Assadi, a career Iranian diplomat based in Vienna. Assadi is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence in Belgium. The bombing plot, which is one of many spying and terrorist activities carried out by the regime in Europe in recent years, has caused grave concern over the role played by the regime’s embassies and diplomatic facilities in causing insecurity in countries across the globe.

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