Floods ravage 27 provinces across Iran, death toll estimated to be at least 100

For the past few days flash floods have been devastated hundreds of areas across Iran, leaving behind a monstrous path of death and destruction. Estimates indicate the death toll to have surpassed the 100 mark. Mehdi Valipour, head of the regime’s Red Crescent is reporting the official death toll at 61 and 32 others missing. Head of the regime’s Crisis Management is warning that floods have been reported in 385 areas of at least 111 cities across 27 of Iran’s 31 provinces.

Yazd province in central Iran is one of the hardest hit areas and officials are reporting six deaths and 10 people missing. More than 13,000 homes in urban and rural areas of Yazd have suffered damages, according to the Yazd provincial governor.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), voiced her condolences to the Iranian people following the recent floods and landslides and condemned the mullahs’ for their destructive policies that repeatedly lead to such disasters, and the regime’s refusal to provide aid to flood victims across the country.

“The eruption of floods in more than 20 provinces, the loss of so many lives in cities and villages, and the damages and homelessness of defenseless people in the face of natural disasters under the mullahs’ predatory rule are a national disaster,” Mrs. Rajavi said.

“The mullahs’ plundering and wasting of Iran’s wealth on nuclear, missile, and warmongering projects have destroyed the country’s infrastructure, leaving Iranians defenseless against natural disasters. The clerical regime must account for the loss of lives and people’s homes,” the NCRI President-elect added.


Major roads and highways in at least six provinces are reported to be blocked due to floods and landslides.

“90 percent of the village of Mozdaran in the Firuzkuh district of Tehran province has been engulfed in mud. Most certainly the death toll from this region is more than those being reported from Tehran province, the entire country, and even the Imamzadeh Davood area,” said Seyed Ahmad Rasoulinezhad, a member of the regime’s Majlis (parliament), in recent remarks to state media.

Locals in this village protested a sham visit by regime President Ebrahim Raisi and demanded he stop providing empty promises and actually deliver desperately needed aid.


Imamzadeh Davood is an area of northwest Tehran province and official reports indicate at least 22 deaths following the recent floods. Search teams are continuing their efforts and dozens are also reported missing. The cities of Firuzkuh and Damavand of Tehran province have also reported major losses of life and devastating destruction. At least three children are also among those reported dead.

Firuzkuh alone, and especially the nearby Zarindasht village, are reporting at least 15 deaths, 16 missing, and 12 injured.

Sahar Tajbakhsh, head of the regime’s “Iran Meteorological Organization,” acknowledged the regime’s destructive role in the devastating nature of these recent floods, especially the Imamzadeh Davood area.

“The floodwaters in the Imamzadeh Davood area were similar to the 2018 floods we witnessed in Shiraz. The water paths have been modified for other purposes in the previous years because the topography of this area should not allow 20 to 30 millimeters to result in such an incident. As a result, we can most certainly conclude that the water path in this area had been modified,” she said in a recent state TV interview.

An official of Alborz province, located west of Tehran, says 70 vehicles were swallowed by flood waters in the town of Taleqan as the local Shahroud River saw massive flooding. Some of the vehicles are reportedly completely destroyed, indicating the raw power of the dangerous floods.

Rafsanjan of Kerman province in south-central Iran has also suffered major damages in the recent floods. “A couple from the city of Anar were heading to Rafsanjan when they were trapped due to the floodwaters and unfortunately lost their lives,” a provincial official said to state media.


Officials in Mazandaran province of northern Iran are reporting six deaths and ten people missing due to the recent floods. The western parts of this province, especially villages around the city of Chalus, Amol, Nour, and Tonekabon have witnessed the largest share of devastations.

The city of Aligudarz in Lorestan province of western Iran is reporting five deaths and a number of others missing, according to Mohammad Khodabakhi, a member of the regime’s Majlis (parliament) from this area.

Officials in Markazi (Central) province are reporting at least one death and three missing following the recent floods. Reports of death and destruction are pouring in from many other provinces throughout Iran.


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