1987 South Korea vs. 2020 Hong Kong

I have never thought the situation in Hong Kong right now is worse than the 1987 Korea.

In the movie “1987: When the Day Comes” (2017 South Korean political thriller film based on a true story), during the police interrogation, the bad cops killed a student during waterboarding and tried to cover up the truth afterwards. In the movie/true events: the prosecutor insisted to preform an autopsy of the student but the police would not let it happen; a tough journalist who stayed in the bathroom all night waiting for a chance to ask a question but the police refused to disclose any details; a doctor who were not corrupted by the large sum of bribe money but the police would not let him report the cause of death. It was many nameless citizens who never give up and eventually led the information to the journalists and news media. As a result, the government immediately arrested the bad cops. Historically, the series of events pushed the government to give up the low rank officers in hope for peace.

Right now in Hong Kong, the government has executed the legal procedures to help cover the identity of the police who shot the Indonesian female journalist and many more violence attack toward Hong Kong protesters. When the police name was made public, the government/Hong Kong police arrested the Hong Kong District Chairman who shared the news on social media. The situation in Hong Kong right now is worse than Korea in 1987. The government and the police are even more determined and shameless than the “militant”, “brave” and “ruthless” government of totalitarian Korea.

Beside confronting the Chinese Communist Party, Hongkongers are facing an unique state of affairs that no one has ever encountered before. As the China-US trade war continues and with the Chinese Communist Party’s cover-up of the #WuhanPneumonia epidemic, which has led to global pandemic. When will the world united and turn against the Communist Party of China? If not this time, then wait until when?

Totalitarian governments can’t stop their lies. In movie “1987: When the Day Comes”, a character says that “the only weapon we have left is the truth. Only the truth can bring down the regime”.The former Czech Republic President and a famous writer, Vaclav Harwell’s simple but extraordinary idea about “living in truth” is even more true in this age that full of cover-up/fake news. Please use the little freedom of speech you have left, and if you haven’t seen the “Against the Right series: June Democratic Uprising in Korea” series of movies, please watch it while the epidemic is raging. History always repeats itself.

The Hong Kong Communist Party/Chinese Communist Party has a belief stating that political power comes from the “barrel of a gun” (as a metaphor of political power comes from violence) and if it is the case, let them fight for the world power.

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